Why to find a Prague rental apartment without a real estate?

Did it also happened to you that you have found a wonderful advertisement for renting apartment in the offer of a real estate, you have entrusted your confidence in real estate consulting and services and eventually you have just spent a plenty of time inconclusively running around flats for rent that even weren't close to your idea?

Services of real esate agenciec, unfortunately, have such a bad reputation. Despite all the efforts of real estate professionals to meet the expectations of their customers, these negative experience unluckily spread faster than laudatory references. Real estate agents have their business know-how and try various tricks to convince you in the shortest possible time to buy or rent an apartment. Therefore it is rather good to avoid such dealing that doesn´t correspond with your ideas and needs.

There´s another way! The direct way. No real estates and no commissions

Rental apartments in Prague is possible also without real estate agents, namely directly on basis of a direct agreement and contract with the lessor, usually the owner of the apartment.

A great advantage that will be appreciated especially by students and young couples or families, is that you do not pay the extra fat commission, which the real estates mostly count in the amount of one monthly rent. By a direct rental you don´t pay the first rent twice! And that is a big plus, to start.

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You do not need a middleman

If you want to rent an apartment, direct communication with the lessor is the best way to get to the living according to your wishes. You can ask the lessor anything you need to know. The lessor´s behavior reveals to you whether the person is trustworthy. Then you'll see whether that new housing suits to your right vision that you were looking for. You will find out whether there is an easy arrangemnet with the lessor regarding possible future repairs and modifications. That is an important point! At the end, it is going to be your living and sure you want to feel safe and nice in your place of residence.

It´s good to be able to stand on your own

Thus be interested in offers of owners and direct lessors of apartments. Save your money for commission and no one will push you into renting an apartment that does not fully satisfy you.

Keep standing by your vision and goals, keep on searching and don´t feel discouraged by difficulty in this process. When you find the apartment in Prague corresponding to your vision, you will be proud of yourself and you´ll be able to say: I have put the foundation stone of my new home!

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