Life in Prague is blessed

Living in Prague is a “cardiac issue“ for many people and many foreigners. The capital lives in a peaceful and refreshing pace of the modern city. It has an inherent magic that breathes on us almost at every corner.

You can choose from a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities here. To choose, we have numerous theaters, cinemas, galleries, restaurants, clubs and pubs, many top museums, sports centers, swimming pools etc.

Prague abounds with magnificent historical monuments, which attract visitors from all over the world. For its scenic beauty and fairytale magical it has no competitor among other cities, as many foreigners say. It is therefore a popular venue for unique cultural and sports events of global importance.

Regarding education, there are also plenty of both state and private schools, from kindergartens to universities. And the job opportunities are looking better here than in other parts of the country.

Prague is a truly city of open-ended options and everyone will find own one. Most people in the capital has moved due to work, foreigners then because of fascination and love for this place of peace and freedom.

Where to find rental apartment in Prague

Only few of us can afford living in the historic center. In its vicinity, ie in the close districts of Prague 2, 3 and 5, this is not such a problem.

Many rental homes offer small and large apartments that are affordable, located close to public transport links and some of them are fully equipped and are for immediate accomodation.

We recommend looking for an apartment rental in or near the same location, where is your workplace or school situated, in relation to good public transport and not at least in the places which have good emotional links, memories and experience.

Selected tips

Aerotaxi Prague

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Wohnen in Prag

Suchen Sie eine Mietwohnung in Prag? Eine Mietwohnung in Prag in den Albertov Rental Apartments ermöglicht Ihnen alles in direkter Reichweite zu haben.


Albertov Rental Apartments

... or how to rent an apartment in Prague without a real estate. Albertov Rental Apartment is a modern residential area providing a pleasant living in a quiet and pictoresque historic part of Prague near Vyšehrad monument reservation. The access to the the city center is thanks to this locality easy and fast.